Classrooms for children with disabilities require unique safety enhancements and adaptations.
Your donation will help provide safe spaces for children in a social setting. 

The Challenge

Right To Learn

Many Palestinian children exhibiting severe behaviors and often nonverbal, have never experienced learning in a classroom setting with other children. Unfortunately, local school systems are unequipped and teachers lack the proper training to effectively and safely care for those who need the help the most.

Stigma experienced by families also negatively impacts children with developmental and mental disorders. To help eliminate this stigma, Human Refuge not only works to help and inform those families directly affected by developmental disabilities, but entire local communities as well.

In specialized classrooms overseen by professional Behavioral Analysts, we can help eliminate this stigma and other obstacles that prevent children from receiving the education they deserve and have a right to. Human Refuge will always support children with developmental disorders, no matter how severe the exhibited behaviors.

Classroom Infrastructure

Special needs classrooms require certain safety adaptations. In refugee camps where central heating is uncommon, space heaters sometimes fueled with kerosene pose a great threat to children as well as the adult teachers. We aim to install electric wall unit heaters in classrooms, out of reach. A few other examples of safety adaptations are:

  • Rounded corners on walls,
  • Softer floors,
  • Specialized desks and chairs to prevent injuries,
  • Child safety locks

Your generous donation will help provide safe spaces for children in a social setting

The Challenge

Volunteer Support

With training provided by accredited Behavioral Analysts, volunteers become the true heroes. Working with children and families in classrooms and homes, volunteers are the backbone of our program.

Often, these selfless volunteers also live with their own economic challenges. Your support will help sustain our programs by providing needed stipends for volunteers on the ground, many of whom live within the same communities of the children they care for.

Family Support

For many families caring for children with severe developmental disorders, it is difficult to go to work or school and leave a child unattended.

By providing safe spaces for children with special needs, Human Refuge connects fully functioning family members with like-minded organizations to find gainful employment and/or education while their children are in class.


Palestine Codes

Human Refuge connects fully functioning parents and siblings to educational programs to help lift families out of economic despair.

Through our partnerships with organizations and vocational programs, family members can use new-found valuable time to learn valuable skills while their children are in class.