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New Site, First Post!

This is our first post on our new site. It couldn't have come at a better time and we would like to thank our web developers at Morweb for designing and created this beautifully functional site. 

We are proud to announce that Human Refuge partnered with the Community Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled in the Talbieh Refugee Camp in Al-Jeezah, Jordan.

Talbieh is located in Al-Jeezah, an urban area a little over 20 miles south of Jordan's capital city, Amman. The camp is recognized as one of the 10 UNRWA Palestinian refugee camps and is the smallest refugee camp in Jordan in terms of population size. 

While there are 4 publicly-run schools operating within the camp, facilities with properly trained instructors are unavailable for children with developmental disabilities, in particular nonverbal children exhibiting extreme behaviors. Family members often find it difficult to focus on work or education since caring for a child with special needs can be a fulltime endavour when proper services are unavailable. This is why Human Refuge was created.

By partnering with professional Behavioral Analysts and other volunteers, Human Refuge supports the creation of functional classrooms, trained instructors, as well as family support services. 

Optimistically moving forward, we are excited to share with you the story of Human Refuge and, more importantly, the progress of our beautiful kids. Thank you in advance for the generous contributions. 


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